Thursday, July 16, 2015

Asher's New Blue Chair

I barely blog and then I post two in one day! Ok fairness, my earlier post was just a Tales from the Vault, reminding you all of Asher's old wheelchair - because today he got a new one!

Ok in truth, he hasn't actually used that old wheelchair in a year. The fact is for the past year we've been borrowing a chair, waiting for the funding to come in for a new one. Asher's first chair, that looked like a stroller, was great when he was two but not so much when he was five and in school. So to get us to the three year mark when it could be replaced, we had a borrowed dealy. Today however, he got his very own new one that will last him five years.

It's cute and blue and lightweight and perfect for him. Here it is, next to his old one:

He is very happy with it and likes the colour. I didn't realize until I re-read the old blog post that he used to call his old chair his blue chair - so fitting that his new one is blue too. And funnily enough later this summer he'll get his own power chair (the one he has now is also borrowed) and guess what colour that one will be as well?!

Aside from getting the chair today, the past two days have been stacked with appointments for the boys. I found it incredibly overwhelming and stressful, and it dawned on me this morning why. Having back to back to back to back appointments with tired, cranky kids is not our norm - but it used to be. Oh boy did it used to be. That was pretty much every day of our lives for four years straight. Since the start of kindergarten, I had more or less forgotten that life existed because we are so busy happily living this life. I've got to tell you that little realization made me feel so incredibly blessed. Our new normal is just that these days - normal enough that I forgot what it was like when it wasn't.

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