Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vegas, Baby!

Last evening Jordan and I returned from four days in Las Vegas - with friends, and without kids! You want all the goods?!

Well too bad, you're not getting them. The saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" exists for a reason. No one ended up with a tiger in their room (although I was hopeful) or a mattress on the roof, but let's just say there are some details that shouldn't emerge!

What I will say is that a good time was had by all, with memories that will keep us laughing for a good long time. And my best tip (that I'm willing to share anyway): red solo cups are a necessity.

Now back to reality. I'm not sure how happy I am about that - but I'm pretty positive my liver is thrilled for the reprieve.

The kids did amazingly well for the first time being separated from us, but are happy to have us back. They've spent allll morning playing Las Vegas with a room key, an airline safety card, and various props around the house. Flight, hotel check-in, housekeeping, buffet, spa - you name it. Why did I spend an afternoon looking for the perfect souvenirs for them??

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