Monday, August 17, 2015

Date Days

The summer is flying by and although we've had a bunch of fun just letting the days pass by, we decided we should make as many quality moments as we could. We've gone on one on one dates with the kids in the past, but not frequently. So we decided this summer, we would officially do it. Each child gets a one on one date to whatever location or whichever activity they choose. The world was their oyster!

Too bad (or good, depending on how you look at it?) that oyster didn't turn out to be very big, so the adorably cute and simple selections by each child were as follows:

Rio + mom = downtown on the bus
Rio + dad = a bike ride and a slurpee

Nolan + mom = ice cream
Nolan + dad = a trip to the park

Asher + mom = a "fancy" restaurant
Asher + dad = China town

We started the dates three weeks ago and did two dates per weekend. Rio and I started with a bus ride (although disappointingly because it was the weekend, not a double decker), a shopping spree at Chapters with some birthday money, followed by another bus stop to a delicious bakery and then a final leg of the busride home. Who knew the #14 could bring such joy. The pinnacle was at the end when she got to pull the cord (of course it was, who doesn't love that?!).

Asher and I went next and although it was our turn, he wasn't feeling up to himself so instead of going to a restaurant he decided on a milkshake. I took him to a soda shop downtown where he got his prized chocolate shake, and I got a Dr. Pepper float. When's the last time I had a float? I'm thinking 1995.

Nolan and I rounded it out this weekend with a trip for ice cream - or unbeknownst to him actually frozen yogurt because they have the best toppings. Absolutely delish. Nolan told me he only ever wants to go for a date with me there from now on. I let him go to town on whatever toppings he wanted, and although he chose every sauce available, and a few different cookie crumbs, he picked exactly one piece of candy. ONE!

In between all of those, the kids had their dates with their dad too, but that's boring. This is about me.

It was so nice to have some quality time with the kids. Rio and I spend time alone together on occasion, but really we're still generally doing errands or traveling to and from sports or activities. Likewise, I spend a fair bit of time with the boys without Rio - but as for each boy alone, that is incredibly rare. We have such genuinely sweet, funny, smart kids it is so nice to take them away from the things that infuriate them and make them act up (their siblings if you didn't catch that) and have some calm conversation and share some non-toilet-humour laughs with them.

These dates will now continue on a regular basis. Even if it's just for coffee or a walk or basically anything non-errand related it's nice to show them how special they are, just on their own. And I've got to admit that not being outnumbered by children on an outing outside of the house is a treat for me all in itself!

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