Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Steptember: Half Way

We are exactly half way through our Steptember challenge, and more than half way to our fundraising goal. To everyone who has already donated, I thank you immensely. Your generous, supportive hearts have really touched us. All four of us have exceeded a 10,000/day step count and many days have had to come up with some creative ways of getting our steps in because we're all busy moms. But we've gotten it done, that's the important part. And so have you, so thank you.

To any of you who haven't donated yet, I ask that you remember why we're doing this. Yes, we are raising money for the CPABC. It is a great cause that supports our family and others with CP in British Columbia. But aside from fundraising for them, I have more selfish and personal motives.

I, as with anything I do to advocate for CP, am raising awareness for what it is like to live with CP. My boys have a rich, happy, and wonderful life. But their little lives come with many more challenges than most people's. And can I just put it out there and say their parents' lives come with many more challenges than most people's? I am not discounting the fact that we are happy. In fact, someone very intuitive recently told me that there is much more happiness than sadness in my house. And she was definitely right. But it wasn't always like that. This family has had to work hard to overcome a lot of things, both physical and emotional, relating to prematurity and CP. And we've also had to work hard to make a choice to not let CP stop the boys, or us. We take pride in everything we've overcome, and feel empowered by it. But at the end of the day, it is still work. In an already busy life with three kids, we still have to fit in therapy and doctors and equipment and procedures. And much more exhaustingly - we have to worry about things that parents of typical kids don't have to worry about. More stress. More finances. Just more.

So by donating, you're not only showing monetary support, you are showing that you understand what my family goes through every day. Think of it like this...

Next time you get upset with your young child and say "Don't you dare run away from me", know that I will never have the luxury of saying that to my boys. There are many things people take for granted that my boys will never be able to do. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, I'm trying to make you understand that this is their reality.

Remember where these two started...

And where they are now.

Through a lot of hard work, love, and support - from people like you.

A $10 donation is easy, and says so much.  Please, click here to donate.

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