Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Remember the "World CP Challenge" we did in 2012? Well, now it's re-named Steptember, and team TWIN PEAKS is at it again.

As a reminder, here's how it works...

I intend to take on the challenge of completing a minimum of 10,000 steps per day from tomorrow, September 2, until September 29th, raising funds for Cerebral Palsy - specifically for the CP association of British Columbia.

Do you know that last time YOU helped our team raise an INCREDIBLE $7400?!! Well we're asking you to open your hearts, and your wallets, to support not only my beautiful boys, but everyone in BC living with CP. This year I am joined again by my sister Diana, friend Leanne, and our new team member - my friend Rachelle. We ladies are ready to rock this. Because we did so well last time, we've set our initial goal at $5000! Huge, I know, but I'm hoping we'll even surpass it.

So here's the thing. You know that CP affects every aspect of our life, every day. Our boys are not defined by their CP, but it is a big part of their very existence. They are happy, healthy, and loved above all, but their disability does give them extra challenges that they will face every day for the rest of their lives.

As I take my 10,000 steps per day I don't need to be reminded that I should not take my steps for granted. Can I ask you to do the same? Many people with CP cannot walk independently, or at least without assistance. One of my boys requires the use of a wheelchair full time, and the other needs to put effort into every step he takes. We are lucky that those are the only disabilities they face. People living with CP can have a variety of other complications. Please take a moment to think about that, and cherish all the effort-free movements you are able to make. Get up, walk around, grab a glass of water. None of those things are easy for my boys.

So are you ready to donate? Are you ready to make a difference? Please, do this for Asher and Nolan. They are old enough this year to understand the challenge. They know they live with CP. They know they need therapy, equipment, and technology other kids don't need. We can share with them how all of YOU are making a difference to THEM. Asher knows the CPABC just gave him money for a brand new iPad for Grade 1, to make his school work easier, so he understands how this is directly helping him. So although you aren't donating directly to us, you are donating to vital funds that can, and do, help families just like us every day. Access to the right equipment and services is essential, as is helping to fund research projects that will make improvements in the way that cerebral palsy is diagnosed and treated.

Go for it, you know you want to. Any amount you contribute would make a huge difference. To me, to those two loves of my life, and to everyone living with CP.


I know you want to run off and make a donation, so I won't keep you much longer - just a few final and important notes about making a donation:
  1. You will get a tax receipt for any donation of $10 or above.
  2. I would personally prefer if you didn't do an "offline donation" (by sending them a cheque) because then I won't know about your donation until they receive it and it's processed. If you don't want/aren't able to enter your credit card on line, please send me the cheque/e-transfer/cash and I will do it for you. Either way the tax receipt will go in your name and you will get credit for the donation.
  3. If you're having trouble making a donation, let me know and I'll help.
  4. You should get a confirmation of your donation. If you don't, it hasn't gone through.
  5. I suggest you donate immediately. Because I'm going to bug people for 28 days and it's going to get suuuuuper annoying. If you do it right away, you can then promptly ignore the hounding I will do for the rest of the month.
Thanks friends. Your support is appreciated more than you know. The Fitbit is on. The sneaks have been dusted off. This'll be significantly more challenging to get my steps in this year now that I'm working, but I'm up for it. You've been unbelievably generous in the past. Do you have it in you to do it again?

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  1. Hey Tracey, we're donating as a family to this cause. Since I'm currently not working and I have a dog that requires at least one walk a day (usually two), it's not usually too difficult for me to get in my 10,000 steps each day! But this month in particular when I'm out getting my steps in, I'll be mindful of individuals with CP and their families and the daily mobility challenges they face. Being able to so easily get outside for a walk (and the odd run!) and enjoy the trails, parks and beautiful weather in Victoria is one of the things I am most grateful for. Good luck in reaching your fundraising goal (and in getting those steps in since you're back to work now!). :). Virginia