Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What I Was Going to Say

I had this great blog post all written in my head. It went a little something like this:

"Parents! Here's a fun little quiz for you. I'm going to ask you some questions, and for every one you say yes, I challenge you to pledge me 50 cents towards Steptember!"

Then I would have listed a bunch questions like...

"Can your child roll themselves over in bed in the middle of the night, without you having to get up, sometimes multiple times, to do so for them?"

"Can your child go to the toilet on their own, without being carried there and placed on a special seat by an adult?"

"Can your child grab their own glass when they're thirsty at dinner, reach over and pick up their dropped fork, or eat without worrying about how many time they're going to knock their plate over?"

And so on and so forth. You see my plan was to ask you all sorts of questions covering all of the mundanities of life that you get to take for granted with your kids. Questions to which you would consistently answer yes...but my answer for Asher would be no across the board.

Great idea, right? Way to get the point across how different Asher's life is from your child's isn't it? Maybe it would be the final tug at the old heart strings to get you to dig deep and donate, if you haven't already. But then I set out to write it and the words weren't coming. How was this possible? It was so perfectly written in my head.

And then it hit me. Pointing out all the things Asher isn't able to do is not where I focus my energy. Comparing either of the boys to other kids is not helpful. Celebrating what they can do is my forte. Even for the sake of donations to my cause, anything contrary to that feels like I'm selling out. If you don't already realize the differences between my family and yours....well....almost 6 years in I don't think one blog post is going to change that. I'm not willing to drive that point home, no matter how many donations it could yield. Not my style, so I'm glad my writer's block helped me remember that.

So I'll do what I do best and tell you just how amazing Asher and Nolan are. That will not change if I raise another $50 or $10,000 or nothing more at all. They are amazing, full stop. Aside from what we try to do to spread awareness for them, they advocate for themselves every day by just being the inspiring little people they are. Instead of focusing on their differences, I'll continue to remind you just how enriched their lives are.

Thank you sooo much to everyone who has donated over these past three weeks. It really means the world to us. And to everyone who hasn't - you still have one week. Please, click here to donate. 


  1. You rule Tracey. ..so proud of your big boys! Xo

  2. We are the lucky ones! Amazing boys, amazing family! :)

  3. We are the lucky ones! Amazing boys, amazing family! :)