Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Wrap Up

Well let's start with the important part, shall we? Please, watch this:

Do you know that care of all of you generous people we are sitting at almost $5900?!

You are amazing! You not only threw money at us (sometimes very large amounts), but you threw your support at us. Which is really what meant the most.

This Steptember was a tougher go than last time, I will admit. Sitting at a desk job vs. running after your toddler twins is a whole different ball game. This time around I would work all day, get the kids from school, take them to activities, deal with dinner, make lunches, do showers and bed time, fold laundry, and finish up any other household chores. I'd finally get to sit down around 9 pm. Except I didn't get to sit down. I'd do laps of my living room, sometimes for up to 90 minutes, to get my steps in. Because despite being busy as heck all day, all that "running around" really didn't equal a lot of literal running around.

So to everyone who understood how hard it was (for all four of us moms) to get those steps in we truly appreciate your support. I've said it several times and will continue to say it: Your pledge, no matter how big or how small, was validation. Validation that you believed in what we were doing. Validation that you know that living with CP has some extra challenges. Validation that we are surrounded by good, loving, generous people. So a million thank yous.

For the small group of you that I wasn't able to give a personal thank you to, I apologize, but sometimes it wasn't possible. If you donated with no name displayed, I had no way to know who you were and couldn't thank you personally. If you donated with only a first name, I didn't know who you were and couldn't thank you personally. If I knew who you were but had no way to contact you (like email or Facebook) I couldn't thank you personally. But that doesn't mean I don't thank you with all my heart. The CP association of BC thanks you. My children thank you. Our hearts are full.

And just in case you're reading this and regretting not having donated, it's your lucky day to get some extra karma points - donations can continue through October right here. 

Thank you to all of you. And thank you, Steptember, for being over!

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