Monday, November 23, 2015

A Love Letter to Tegan and Sara

Dear Tegan and Sara,

This is Asher. You're looking at your number one fan.

He is 6 years old, also an identical twin, lives in Victoria, and adores you both. I repeat: adorrrrrrres you both. His favourite song? "All of them". He's got Heartthrob memorized from beginning to end.

In case you missed it in the first photo, here's a closer look at the shirt Asher is wearing:

Yup: I heart Tegan and Sara. Asher recently got t-shirt making supplies for his birthday, and with no hesitation, this is the shirt he wanted to make. Actually I take that back - first he insisted his dad draw the album cover of Heartthrob. When we explained felts on a t-shirt wouldn't really do it justice, Asher settled on this. Although he has difficulty with his fine motor skills, he designed the shirt telling us exactly where to place everything. And then he colored it himself with love. Obviously - look at all those hearts! He was the talk of his classroom when he wore that today, let me tell you.

Although we explained to Asher that his dream of marrying you both is not possible for a variety of reasons, the flame is still burning strong in his heart. So on the one in a bazillion chance you read this, I thought I'd introduce you to him since he's a pretty cool cat. I can all but guarantee you'd be pretty stoked to be his friend. Asher has been through a lot in his short life but man can he light up a room. And not to mention that voice when he's singing your songs is pretty deadly cute.

We look forward to your next album...and tour. Coming to Vancouver? We'll be there.

Lots of love and admiration,
Asher and his mom

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