Monday, November 16, 2015

Not the Compliment I Was Looking For

I told Asher he couldn't play iPad and he wasn't happy with me. As I walked out of the room I heard him mutter under his breath "she's the worst". I went back in and asked him about it, and while he first denied it, he eventually tearfully said "I said it by accident". I then explained to him that I am not actually the worst, I am in fact the best, by virtue of being the only mother he has. So instead of just saying sorry to me, he had to say something nice to me.

You know what he came up with? It's a good one. Hold onto your hats, folks...

"You're great at doing laundry".

Wow Asher. Quite the compliment. Of all the possible compliments I was fishing for like "You give the best hugs" or "I like your singing" or I even would have settled for "You're wearing a nice dress" this is what he came up with. Apparently I fold a mean shirt.

Motherhood, man. Certainly not about the glory, is it?

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