Monday, December 28, 2015

Dear Santa, A Little Late

Well Santa,

I kind of dropped the ball this year. Writing a letter to you after Christmas defeats the purpose doesn't it? You'd think so, but not if you need for nothing, and only have things to be thankful for.

2015 has been a huge year for us and wanting or needing anything were very low on my priority list.
This year brought us our first full year in our "new" house, full of lots of finishing touches (and lots more to come). It brought Jordan and I each a new job and we were each given opportunities we could not have dreamt would be presented to us. It brought three funny, creative, bright kids another year lots of happiness. And it brought us all lots of love, happiness and health.

So Santa, although you did bring the kids exactly what they asked for, along with bringing the grownups the perfect print to go above our long empty mantle, it's not the gifts I'm thankful for, so much as all of the multitude of blessings in our lives. Family, friends, security, safety, and health are not things we take for granted - nor is how far our lives have come since I wrote our first letter to you in 2009.

Happy New Year, and here's hoping 2016 brings us so much happiness.

Love the Trousdells

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