Thursday, December 17, 2015


It's been so so so busy lately I have completely neglected the blog. I hope to make up for that over Christmas. But in the mean time, a small tidbit...

Today I was at the doctor (for myself, not the kids) and when we were talking about the boys, he was reminding himself that both boys had CP. When I confirmed that they did he answered "Wow, that must be tough".

That made me pause...because I realized I don't like hearing my life being described as tough. Happy, fulfilling, stressful, challenging - all yes. But "tough" has negative conotations to me. I know he didn't mean it to offend me - he said it to be empathetic. But it made realize how far I have come mentally. Instead of melting into a puddle of tears and "yes it is tough" like I might have a few years ago (or like I truthfully sometimes think in the privacy of my own home on a bad day), my first instinct was to think: "Tough? No, not really".

Suck it, tough. This is a happy life.

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