Monday, February 16, 2015

Telethon Wrap-Up

Well the telethon is over and it was overwhelming to say the least. And this was just a pre-taped segment - I can't imagine what it would have been like to be there live!

First of all the telethon raised almost $6 million!! Amazing or what! Thank you to everyone who pledged. And on a personal note, thank you so so much to everyone who watched the telethon and then texted (my phone blew up after each time it aired) and sent wonderfully supportive and loving Facebook and email messages. After putting ourselves out there in such a vulnerable way, we really and truly appreciate you returning the love. I can't tell you how much your kind words meant over the weekend.

Much more so than I had imagined ahead of time, it was incredibly emotional and overwhelming to watch, especially for Asher. Seeing me crying while talking about him, and all of the focus on him instead of all three of them together, was confusing for him. But we talked it all through afterwards and reminded him of just how amazing he is and how brave he is for not only all he has been through, but how strong and inspiring he is every day.

All of that said, we are thrilled with how the segment turned out. I think the producers perfectly embodied everything we stand for as a family. Yes, we have been through some challenges, but look at our amazing kids! I believe the piece turned out so well because they stayed true to the way we try to live our lives, and that shone through so clearly in the segment for all to see. Very soon after our segment first aired on Saturday night, I checked twitter and a mom had tweeted Variety to tell them how much Asher and Nolan’s story resonated with her, as a fellow mom of twins. Not that I ever doubted our decision to share our story, but that really confirmed that Asher and Nolan’s story can and does inspire people to do good things!

On that note, for anyone who missed this (how could you after all of my bullying to watch it live and then sharing it on Facebook afterwards) click here to watch the clip. I have now watched it enough times that the embarassment/awkwardness/discomfort of seeing us on camera has melted away and I am left with only a feeling of pride - not only of my family, but of the fact that we can share our story to help others.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today's the Day - Make a Pledge

In just a few hours, the Variety Club telethon will begin. I am nervous (to be shown on TV) and excited to know that our family can help bring in donations.

It's so easy to donate. You can...

Call 310.KIDS (5437) in B.C. or 1.800.381.2040 outside B.C. to make your donation.

Visit to make a secure online donation.

And if you forget why we think you should donate, he'll remind you:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Telethon Weekend is Here!

Our TV debut is here! The Variety Club Show of Hearts telethon will be airing Saturday and Sunday!

Variety has been a huge help to our family. Not only did they give us $7500 for Asher towards the accessible van, they also gave us $7500 for each boy towards the elevator in our home. $15,000 covered more than 75% of the cost! How amazing is that?! I can say with absolute certainty there is absolutely no way we would have been able to buy our van as soon as we did, or install an elevator at all, without Variety.

They are an amazing charity. They are willing to give a family like ours up to $7500 per year, per child, towards therapy, equipment, or other medical expenses. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable that is. You really have no idea how much things cost for us. Great, free medical system in Canada? Heck yes. But "extra" things that are really a necessity for kids like mine are not always free - and always very expensive. We really couldn't give the boys all the opportunities we are able to without the help of Variety.

If you have it in your hearts to watch, and better yet donate, please do. How much would I love if the phones lit up during our segment?! So here's the details you're after:

Time: 7pm Saturday --> 5:30pm Sunday
Network: Global
Our family's segment: 7:30pm (ish) Saturday; sometime between 2 and 3am Sunday (for you insomniacs); 4:30pm (ish) Sunday. 

Funnily enough we don't have cable so won't be watching it live. Probably better that way as seeing myself cry on TV might be less painful if I don't see it at the same time as everyone else.

So watch - and give, ok? For this family and countless others just like us?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

In the Paper...Again!

Here we are again in the paper, sharing our story in advance of the Variety Club telethon coming up on February 14/15.

A large photo of us in today's Times Colonist:

And a link to the article online if you want to read the story.

Some of the details aren't exactly correct. They gave us $7500 for our van, yes, but they gave us an additionally large sum towards our elevator. And I'm not a fan of the fact that the boys "suffer" from CP, but what can you do. Once again, I'm just happy our story might help this wonderful charity to raise money to help families like ours.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

In the Paper!

On the weekend of February 14th/15th our family will be featured on the Variety Club telethon. It's very exciting and I'll be telling you lots more about it closer to.

In the mean time, media is starting to build towards the big weekend. First, there's a TV commercial that Asher's featured in (on Global TV for you locals). And then today, a little friend from school showed up with this:

We've so far confirmed this ad was in the Coldstream Gazette and Peninsula News Review, so I can only imagine it also ran in the Victoria, Oak Bay, and Saanich news since they are all related newspapers. So friends, have a looksie for him. Is he ADORABLE or what?!

Next up, our whole family will be in the Times Colonist for more promotion this coming Sunday the 8th (don't worry, you'll be reminded to run out and buy your paper that day!). And then the big event the following weekend.

While I feel very uncomfortable being in the spotlight, I feel really good knowing that sharing our story may inspire some donations for this very worthwhile cause. And it doesn't hurt we get to share this little cutie with the world in the process!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick Update on the Job

I think this is the longest I've ever gone without updating the blog and it's not going to be much I'm sorry to say! Now that I have a J-O-B I just don't have the time. Scratch that, I could make the time, I just don't have the energy!

The job is grrrrrrrreat (think Tony the Tiger great!). I am really happy. Also, I am really tired. All that said, I have had to up my organization at home to a place I never even imagined possible, so that's exciting. Yes, you read that right - I'm excited by how organized I need to be. I know a select handful of you get that. List making is on high alert let me tell you.

I feel overwhelmed and happy and challenged and flustered all at once. But I think that as hard and busy as some days are going to be, the general feeling is not going to be one of "Woe is me, I'm so busy" and more like "I've got this".


PS - Other people in this family, besides the one with the new job, are doing great. There'll be an update on them one of these days too.