Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dead Computers and Facebook

Well I'm even more absent on the blog than usual because our iMac died recently and I really don't like to post from the iPad or my phone, as I'm doing now. When our new Mac arrives next week I will make my best effort to give a good update!

In the mean time, I continue to post semi-regularly on Facebook. If you go to you can follow us there. Even if you don't have a Facebook account you can still look at the page, just not comment.
A Halloween birthday party is in the works so the sharing of photos will start soon...

Speaking of Halloween, what a scary monster - this is what happens when I leave them on their own!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

And So It Begins

Always. Every off-season for about the past five years it's happened - I swear off the Canucks.

It's not immediate. I make it through the playoffs, usually which they've exited long before.

I make it through the draft.

And then I make it through free agent frenzy. All still very interested, with my finger on the pulse of what my Canucks are doing.

But then hockey goes quiet for the summer, and I take time to evaluate.

I evaluate how much mental energy I spend cheering for a team - the same team I've cheered for for 40 years now - and wonder what good it's doing me.

Yes, at times they cause me joy. Great joy. Wizardous Sedinery is like nothing else. But they cause me heartache. Oh man, do they cause me heartache.

So every summer I pretty confidently say to myself "I'm going to try taking this season off. Not follow them so closely. Just step back a little". Every year Jordan laughs at this suggestion. And every year I get defensive, telling him if he were a fan for his entire life, not just the past decade, he would understand.

And I hold onto this stance right up to training camp. I don't follow it. I don't know much about our prospects, and I don't care. And then pre-season starts. And they lose. And they're playing with a bunch of players I don't know about and don't care about. And they lose a few more. And I truly believe I have made the right decision to step back.

And then pre-season winds up and I'm faced with the "real" team. And without realizing, I find myself back on Twitter, following my "Hockey, yo!" list full of players and commentators quite closely. And then I start hitting up pretty regularly. And then, I start talking to Jordan about hockey. All the time.

And that's when I realize it's all over. These off season plans to step back were just a pipe dream. I am a real fan, not one that jumps on and off the bandwagon. Through and through I have followed this team, and will apparently continue to. And like I blame my father before me, one day my kids too will blame their parents for instilling a love of this team in them. Apparently it can't be helped.

So here we are, just hours before puck drop. And apparently we are all quite ready for the season to begin. Hockey is very serious business.

(although maybe Asher didn't get the memo?)

Damn you Canucks. In the iconic words of Michael Corleone: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in". 


Update Oct 8: They won their season opener 5-1. I probably made the right choice.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Wrap Up

Well let's start with the important part, shall we? Please, watch this:

Do you know that care of all of you generous people we are sitting at almost $5900?!

You are amazing! You not only threw money at us (sometimes very large amounts), but you threw your support at us. Which is really what meant the most.

This Steptember was a tougher go than last time, I will admit. Sitting at a desk job vs. running after your toddler twins is a whole different ball game. This time around I would work all day, get the kids from school, take them to activities, deal with dinner, make lunches, do showers and bed time, fold laundry, and finish up any other household chores. I'd finally get to sit down around 9 pm. Except I didn't get to sit down. I'd do laps of my living room, sometimes for up to 90 minutes, to get my steps in. Because despite being busy as heck all day, all that "running around" really didn't equal a lot of literal running around.

So to everyone who understood how hard it was (for all four of us moms) to get those steps in we truly appreciate your support. I've said it several times and will continue to say it: Your pledge, no matter how big or how small, was validation. Validation that you believed in what we were doing. Validation that you know that living with CP has some extra challenges. Validation that we are surrounded by good, loving, generous people. So a million thank yous.

For the small group of you that I wasn't able to give a personal thank you to, I apologize, but sometimes it wasn't possible. If you donated with no name displayed, I had no way to know who you were and couldn't thank you personally. If you donated with only a first name, I didn't know who you were and couldn't thank you personally. If I knew who you were but had no way to contact you (like email or Facebook) I couldn't thank you personally. But that doesn't mean I don't thank you with all my heart. The CP association of BC thanks you. My children thank you. Our hearts are full.

And just in case you're reading this and regretting not having donated, it's your lucky day to get some extra karma points - donations can continue through October right here. 

Thank you to all of you. And thank you, Steptember, for being over!