Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year (a little late)! I hope the end of 2015 was a good one, and 2016 brings us all on some new adventures!

In past years I have recapped the year previous by re-visiting the first blog post of each month. I have barely blogged over the past year so instead I thought I'd wrack my brain to revisit the most exciting thing that happened to us each month. So here goes:

January was a big one. The start of 2015 saw Nolan start skiing. Adorable!

It also saw the start of my new job, which was a huge change for our family after 5 years off with the kids. At the time I knew how lucky I was to be given the opportunity to work for such a great boss with really flexible hours, but now, almost a year later, I am even more thankful.

February included much press time for our family, as we were one of the feature families in the Variety Club Show of Hearts telethon. Several newspaper spots and a televised segment garnered the boys a whole lot of attention.

March took Jordan and me to a Canucks game - something we don't get to do as often as we like. The kids came with us and spent some quality time with their Vancouver Aunties and Uncle, and Jordan and I got to enjoy a great game.

April took us to Pender Island for our annual Easter trip. Lots of food, chocolate, and love - and some power tools for Nolan. Always a highlight.

In May Rio turned 9 and we celebrated with loads of ice cream and friends.

The end of May also took Rio to Comox for her first out of town soccer tournament with her academy team. Rio's gotten to be quite the little player and we've really enjoyed the rest of 2015 watching her grow, along with her team mates.

June brought the end of a successful school year, the boys' horseback riding show, and a trip to the Women's World Cup of soccer to see Canada play.

The highlight of July, and let's face it probably my entire year, was our trip to Vegas. No kids for the first time ever, and so much fun with 3 other couples - all of the women turning 40.

August took us to Portland, for what turned out to be our boys' final trip to Shriner's hospital. Excellent health and great care at home determined we do not need to go back. We will so miss that wonderful city - especially the food.

In September Jordan and I went away (without kids! again!) to celebrate my actual 40th for a lovely, stormy weekend on the West Coast of the island.

The kids also started grade 1 and grade 4, and Jordan officially started a Monday - Friday job (the first of his nursing career). A big change for our family to have a regular schedule, and a big advancement and opportunity for him.

In October, we spent a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend back on Pender Island. We also celebrated the boys' birthday with an "undead" Halloween party. We took it pretty seriously!

November saw our two handsome miracles turn 6! It also saw Asher transform into Clark Kent with some brand new glasses.

We spent December ringing in the season with parties, fun, family and food. Pretty much a dream Christmas season. I also got another reasonably clean bill of health on my thyroid (still questionable lumps, still too small to do anything about) so that sent us into the New Year feeling strong and healthy.

And there you have it. Another year done. Now the new year is here and we're heading back to school and work and a return to a more healthy lifestyle than we've spent over the past month.

We can only hope that 2016 brings us as much happiness and god fortune and wish the same for all of you!

What 2016 brings this much neglected blog....well that's still to be determined.

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