Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hitting the Slopes

Big day for the Trousdell twins today. Big day. First of all, Asher killed it on the slopes for his first time sit skiing. It was amazing. Looking adorable for starters...

Asher had a great time and took to it right away. He had an adult behind him holding on, and then one in front of him giving him instructions about which way to lean (for steering). Everyone at the end of the day was pretty happy, and there's so much potential for how involved he can be when he grows and strengthens.

And then there's Nolan - blowing everyone away on his second snowboard lesson.

Yes, Jordan did speed that video up a titch, but regardless of the speed you can see his skill - which is really amazing to see, considering the relative difficulty he had skiing last year. That silly CP brain had a bit of trouble making his legs cooperate last season, but Jordan was sure that snowboarding would be much easier for Nolan. Cleary, it is.

I am so incredibly proud of these two (well, three truly, because Rio rocks the slopes too). But seeing those two boys out there is so good for the soul. Sure, involving Asher in some activities may be a bit of an extra challenge, but this is a perfect example that nothing needs to stop these two. The strength and persistence these two show every day inspires me.

Needless to say, some kids will sleep well tonight - in preparation for another day on the slopes tomorrow!

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  1. Your children are inspiring.ALL THREE OF THEM.Why?(based on your blog): Nolan and Asher for not letting anything stop them from being exactly who they want to be, working hard and not giving up. Rio for being an amazing kid despite the hard times she had to go through as well, for loving her brothers so much. The rest of us would do well to take a leaf out of their book. Thank you so much for sharing!
    P.S. Asher looks beautiful in that picture and Nolan is a total rockstar on that snowboard.