Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happiness is an Inside Job

Normally I hate bumper stickers. Mostly I think they're cheesy, but partly I'm not sure I support any one thing strongly enough to permanently attach a sticker about it to my vehicle. (Ignore the Canucks sticker on our van. Probably wasn't the best choice to feel passionately enough about them). 

Yesterday however, I saw a bumper sticker I loved. Don't get me wrong - I still wouldn't have bought I because the font was horrible. But the message. The message was beautiful. 

"Happiness is an inside job."

Aren't those the truest words ever?!

If I have learned anything over the past few years, it is that happiness is a state of mind. Full stop.

Happiness is a choice. There is no way around it. I have had to make that choice time and time again. Would it be easier to sit around and feel sorry for myself? Most of the time yes. But I made a choice not to do that. I chose to look for happiness inside of myself, and by doing so, I open myself to all the happy things around me. 

There is a reason that we all look in amazement at very happy people who happen to have so many fewer material objects, yet so many more legitimate troubles than most of us. Because happiness to them is where it is most important - in their hearts. And by having happiness within ourselves, we are able to not only give happiness to, but receive happiness from, others. 

Little boys in Peru playing soccer with taped on sandals and a rolled up bag of garbage for a ball. Defining their own happiness right there. One of the most joy filled things I've ever seen. 

There are a whole lot of true victims out there who choose to be survivors by seeking their own happiness, often without any means of support other than their own fortitude. There are also, sadly, a lot of people who choose to succumb to their not-so-great situation and wallow in the victim category, when their lives are actually incredibly full if they'd open their eyes. (I should hope it's obvious - I'm not talking about someone who is suffering from the depths of depression. I know that isn't a choice.) But under normal circumstances, choosing to be a survivor is always an option. 

Happy Easter weekend, friends. Go find the love and happiness and fill your bucket with it! (Also - fill your bucket with some easter candy. I plan to.)

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