Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Enter the Stander

STANDING: something most of us get to take for granted. Mostly, because it leads to walking - something else we take for granted. But do you know that when your skeleton was developing throughout childhood, standing was incredibly important to proper bone development?!

Standing is something that has been on our minds every day since Asher was a wee babe. Because if you are unable to stand on your own - but you want your hips, spine and legs to develop properly - you better find some way to support you in doing it.

Enter this little number. 

Asher has borrowed a standing frame since he was a year old. Standing has always been a big part of his routine, and currently, he stands for up to an hour a day at school. But we've finally decided he's old enough that we no longer want to borrow an "ok" one - we want to buy a "good" one.

So for the next few days we're trialling this one. It comes in at the low low price of about $3500 - which is a STEAL OF A DEAL compared to the nearly $8000 model we first looked at. We really want this one to work (because HELLO! price tag!) so can you shoot us some good vibes that this stander is the winner?

So far, Asher's hips have been doing GREAT. So great that at last hip x-ray his doctor said he'd never think they were the hips of a child who is in a wheelchair full time. But it's work, oh boy is it work. And no matter how much we get him standing, it does not mean he won't develop hip problems, or he won't inadvertently break a brittle femur doing a transfer one day. So don't take your ease of movement for granted ok? Cause I have a little dude who works his butt off every day for all the things that come naturally to the rest of us.

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