Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Power Chair!

If you are a parent of small children, you know Mo Willems. He has such great animated characters, including that pesky pigeon.

In Grade 1, Asher and Nolan's teacher did an author study on Mo Willems, including of course, the hilarious "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"*.  During that time, one of the EAs in Asher's class decided, along with Asher, that they would create their own Mo Willems book. I saw the odd page here and there, but then promptly forgot about it. Summer passed, and it was far from my mind.

On the first day of Grade 2, that EA presented Asher and I with a surprise. She had Asher's book printed hard cover. It is absolutely amazing. She got a copy made for our family, and one for the school library so all the kids in the school can enjoy it.

While it's obviously the most fun to sit and read the hardcover book in your hands, I realized I needed a good way to share it with all of you. Lo and behold, some pretty easy software exists for making flip books online. A bunch of photos and a PDF, et voila, I'm a flip book master!

So without further ado, I'm am so excited to share Asher and Lindsey's creation with you. All text  by Asher (on his iPad) with awesome illustrations by Lindsey. Please click here to see the book. 

DID YOU LOVE IT OR WHAT?! How cute was that?! We are so thrilled with this amazing surprise and our family will treasure it. Thank you Asher and Lindsey for this masterpiece!

*In case you're not familiar with the original by Mo Willems, you can check it out here.  

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  1. I LOVE this!!!! So awesome! I love Asher's adaptation of the story, and Lindsey's illustrations are amazing! They make such a great team. :) Thank you for sharing...this made me smile. :)