Friday, July 14, 2017

Two Wheelin'

When our kids achieve milestones, especially ones we didn't expect them to achieve, we feel pride as parents. This goes for any of our kids, not just those of us with special needs. But, boy, can I tell you that when your special needs child achieves a milestone you did not know they were physically capable of - well, basically your heart explodes right out of your chest. Literally at this moment I am looking at my exploded heart all over the desk in front of me. Ok maybe not literally. But you get it.

This week, Nolan was in "iCan Bike" camp. It is a camp for special needs kids who - you guessed it - can't (yet) ride a bike. They have an amazing progression of skills they teach the kids over the week and the development is truly astounding. They work with the kids for 1.25 hours per day. At first I was worried that would be too short of a time period but by the end of it realized how exhausting it is and how hard they were all working!

Nolan started this camp riding a two wheel bike with training wheels and toe clips, facing two major challenges:
1. Balance
2. Foot position.

In fact let's try that again - those are major challenges he faces not only on a bike, but in life in general.

I could write a novel about how his progression happened over the week but I'll spare you. Let's just say there were times of excitement and times of doubt (for both of us). And then he just got it. Like GOT IT. All of a sudden it clicked.

Here's the proof...

There are no words to describe the way I feel about this progress. Truly. How incredibly difficult that must have been for him to master blows my mind. He didn't get frustrated, he didn't give up - and he nailed it. It's "just like riding a bike" is NOT "just like riding a bike" when you have CP. But yet, here were are.

Nolan has been rewarded for all of his hard work with a new bike and a "helper" handle on the back for us parents until he really, really gets it. But most importantly, he's been given the best gift I could've wished for - an enormous sense of pride in himself. No reward beats that. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

VIctorian's Rally!

People keep complimenting me on "making it happen" for Asher to meet Tegan and Sara. Well thank you, but that's only partly true. Yes, I started the process with my original facebook post - but then my fellow Victorians (and truthfully many others from outside of Victoria) ran with it. Community of Victoria, you made this happen! Click here for a nice little piece on Victoria Buzz. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Asher's Big Night

Well I feel like this night deserves a lot more than just a clip of our second Sawatsky Sign-Off, but in the mean time click right here to see Asher's dream come true meeting Tegan and Sara!