Thursday, February 9, 2017


Our friends at Firefly by Leckey are at it again! I introduce to you the new FIREFLY SPLASHY, a portable bathseat designed by the awesome company who brought us Upsee, the GoTo seat, and the PlayPak. As with their previous products, I was thrilled to have Asher test drive one and tell you what we think.

“What is the Splashy?” you ask? Well in the words of Firefly themselves, in their handy Splashy Activity Guide:

The Firefly Splashy is a lightweight bath seat, designed to sit low in the bath to allow your child to benefit from being immersed in the water… Splashy’s design is based on the GoTo seat, with additional new features to allow your child to participate in bathing.

A recline feature means that even children with reduced head control or sitting ability are able to use Splashy. We have added interchangeable foam supports which can be used as a headrest, lateral, pommel or anti slide support. Splashy has a five point harness which can be configured into a three point pelvic support to make washing a little easier. Splashy has a comfortable, warm touch foam covering available in three colours.

Here’s a few infographics, just in case you like pictures better than words:

So now that I’ve given you the background on the product, let me tell you a little about what we think of it. Maybe I’ll let Asher show you himself:

We love it, how about I start there?!

It really is lightweight, simple to assemble, easy to configure for your child’s needs. And it even looks good! As usual, I am incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship of Firefly products. It is incredibly well made, durable, and no attention to detail has been missed. All of the strapping is soft and comfortable, making it nearly impossible to pinch your child’s skin in one of the clasps. And let me tell you, when you have a squirmy child who cannot sit on their own, pinching their skin otherwise happens way too often.

As you can see, we used it in our large shower for the purposes of trialing it – only because our shower is so big and it was easier to make the necessary adjustments. However, I did include a photo of it in our tub to show how nicely it fits:

This photo is also a good illustration of how we chose to configure it. Asher doesn’t like chest straps, so we went with a three-point harness rather than five-point. But he also has a really difficult time not scooting his bum, no matter how well he is harnessed, so we used three of the five included bumper pads to prevent his bum from scooting forward or off either side. I felt like Asher was completely safe and secure, and given all of the options for where the strapping and bumpers could be placed, I have no doubt other families could configure it in a multitude of other ways to suit their child’s needs.

In full disclosure, this will not be Asher’s primary bath seat. He predominantly showers, and will continue to use his Rifton HTS bath chair for that. However, it has been a long, long time since Asher has been able to have a bath, so now when he does, we can say YES! thanks to the Splashy.

Additionally, have you ever thought about how a heavy child who can’t sit on their own can bathe while on holidays? No, you probably haven’t if you have a typical child. But for those of us whose children can’t sit, that is a struggle, and something that always needs to be considered when traveling outside our home. When Asher was younger we would shower holding him, but now he is far too heavy for that. Thanks to the Splashy, that problem is now eliminated! We can take this with us, whether it be staying at someone else’s house or a hotel. With one click it folds up to be flat, light and easily transportable – either to be packed in your car or just put away in a closet when not in use. 

Once again I can truly say that Firefly has exceeded expectations with this bath seat. It’s easy to use, safe, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Well actually I take that back – if I could change anything it would be that this seat existed about six years earlier, making life in a tiny bathroom with a baby/toddler/preschooler who couldn’t sit oh so much easier!

So now Firefly, since it seems to be in your mandate to design amazing special needs products that don’t already exist, I challenge you to this – how about a portable toilet seat for those kids who are toilet trained but can’t sit on their own. That’s not too much to ask, is it?!

Thank you Firefly for this amazing opportunity. This bath seat will be well used – by us, but no doubt countless others.

To check out more details, including shipping and return policies, click here.